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The management and consulting Team, supported by national and international Professional Partners, offers a range of services and activities related to:

  • business and professional consulting;
  • tax and law consulting;
  • Customers' business and asset management.

Professionals, Offices and Companies, specialized in consulting, will provide you a free initial evaluation of the "health" of your Activities and Assets, in order to offer you a series of actions aimed to better manage or improve your business.


 Our Italian Architectural Firm, supported by Maltese Warranted Architects, offers a range of services relating to:

  • architectural and technical surveys and plans;
  • 2D architectural and structural drawings & 3D models;
  • authorization and permit requests;
  • site supervision and management.

Our Architects and Engineers, via public and private channels, will deeply analyze the Project you are planning, to offer you, if deemed valid, a number of possible problem-solving solutions for your private or business idea.


Our Construction Division, made up of different internal and external Construction Companies, offers a range of services relating to:

  • demolition and excavation;
  • ex novo buildings, renovations, restorations, elevations;
  • concrete and steel structures;
  • road and marine works;
  • traditional and innovative work methods.

Our Group of Construction Companies will carry out a free survey on your Project in order to offer, if interested, a number of possible issue-solving solutions for your properties, to be realized, renovated, ampliated or simply restored.


The I.T. Division offers a series of innovative services:

  • Mechanical and Electrical traditional and innovative systems;
  • I.T., Home and Office automation;
  • Industry 4.0.

Our I.T. Division is ready to guide you to the new Millennium. Technology, innovation, research and development are just some of the activities we may offer to your Projects and to your private and business Ideas.


The Bioenergy Division, also supported by established external professionals, will offer you a range of services and activities, related to:

  • Bioenergy (Solar Power, Biogas, etc ...);
  • Production of Electrical and/or Thermal Power;
  • Energy Analysis and Free Quotes.

Professionals and Companies, specialized in Bioenergy, will perform inspections, in order to analyze the energetic state-of-the-art of your business premises and we will offer you a number of possible solutions to improve their bio-energetic balancement. The Thermodynamic Solar and miniBioMetano Division, instead, offers the agro-livestock farms, a basic compact module of 100kWe or 200kWe, able to fully meet the needs of electrical and thermal power.


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